Introducing — Us!

Welcome to the Web Editors blog!

Beginning today, a group of very talented writers and editors, who are responsible for a great deal of the content across some of the web’s most influential sites, will introduce themselves and begin to educate and inform both the public and our colleagues of just what a web editor does, can do, should do and might consider doing, all based on our experiences within this profession.

The writers you will encounter are all currently from the Web Editors group on LinkedIn. Someone posted within one of the many discussions that there was not really a good blog resource available for the profession of web editors (Thank you Jonathan Reid!), and the idea to begin a Web Editors blog was afoot.

So over the next few weeks you will meet us, and learn how we came into this fine profession, and then a little bit about what each of us will be writing in our next post.

Web Editor: Cathy Hodson
As for me, I am Cathy Hodson. I began my career as an English teacher in a small town’s high school, then went back to suburbia to work in publishing as a writer and editor of engineering and manufacturing trade magazines for a little over a dozen years.

I was happily working as a writer and editor on an environmental engineering magazine, when the young woman who had been our web editor left the company. I had been feeding her product releases to add to our website, and as someone who had always drooled over technology and the latest gizmos, I threw my hat in the ring for her job. How hard could it be?

Still, I was surprised I got the job, having no experience as a web person at all. I didn’t know a stitch of HTML, what an authoring program was, or how the information that needed to get up on the website got there. I found out quickly that it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, but it was terribly intriguing and what I learned that first year from some very patient colleagues has made my job exciting, thrilling and incredibly fun to this day.

Part of the thrill comes from the immediacy of the Internet. While a print article can take anywhere from 3-6 months to see publication, you can write something today and it will be on the Internet within a matter of seconds. Some say that’s also the problem with the Internet, but I prefer to think that the work of a professional and someone who cares a great deal for quality content, still rises to the top.

We hope you will continue to check back as our blog continues to grow. Some of us will be writing monthly, others semi-monthly, but hopefully over time you will get to know us and what we are passionate about.

My next post will be in mid-March, and I will be writing about managing a large website. In the meantime, tomorrow you will hear from Web Editor Alan Eggleston about how much of a geek you need to be to join the Web Editor profession. Stay tuned, and welcome!