Web Editor: Alison Lueders

I am the Founder and Principal of “Great Green Editing”, a certified green business which provides website and online copyediting services for other green businesses, as well as health, education and nonprofit organizations. I am an MBA and a CKM (Certified Knowledge Manager), and I arrived here through a somewhat circuitous route that nevertheless makes me feel I am in exactly the right place now.

My current small business is built on 30 years of experience in the corporate world, where I did software applications development, management consulting, and training. My favorite role was a decade spent as a Knowledge Manager for a Fortune 500 company. That experience crystallized my love of technology, information organization, and writing, and made web editing a natural choice for my own business.

My interest in green and sustainable business issues has evolved over the years. From reading Tom Friedman’s book, “Hot, Flat and Crowded” to auditing Environmental Management courses through Harvard, my concern has only grown. So at this stage of life, I decided to both become a green business myself (hence the certification through the Green Business Bureau), AND assist other green businesses with their website and online editing needs.  My clients help to make the world a greener, more sustainable place, and my goal is to help them succeed.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Web Editors blog, and to share my experience of this fascinating, ever-changing job with others. I constantly learn new things from this group, and appreciate the open, friendly tone of its members.

My posts will offer tips on how to make your web writing the best it can be, based on the actual web copy I see from my clients and on the Internet generally. (Names shall be changed to protect the innocent.) My first post, coming up on March 22, 2012 will cover “5 Common Web Copy Errors to Avoid”. As the blog evolves and readers weigh in with questions or requests for topics, that focus may adjust accordingly. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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