Web Editor: Jennifer Ford

“You become what you think about.” This is a key message from life coaching pioneer Earl Nightingale. He calls this “The Strangest Secret,” and it happens to be true in my case when it comes to my current role as a web editor.

I come from a background in various editorial roles, from educational book publishing to research to freelance projects of every color. Several years ago I began working full time for a monthly trade publication that had only just created a list of job responsibilities for a web editor and assigned them to a coworker. Over a short period I took on items from that list as the initiative to focus on and develop our web presence grew. I loved getting my feet wet and hoped that I’d take over the web editor role someday.

Well, with some big changes I suddenly and unexpectedly became what I had been thinking about: the web editor. Over the last two years I’ve learned about using content management systems, planning a website editorial schedule, managing social media campaigns, developing SEO content, creating multimedia and hosting webinars — all on the fly. It’s been a very interesting journey. I can only imagine many web editors have come to their current positions in much the same way.

I am honored to be among the very talented editors writing for Web Editors. In my next post I plan to write about using Facebook and Twitter to achieve a variety of different goals for your publication. I look forward to hearing from you!


3 thoughts on “Web Editor: Jennifer Ford

  1. I look forward to your next post about using FB and Twitter. Have you looked at Pinterest and Google Plus? Just curious. Would love to learn more.

    • Hi, Rena, I have looked at Google Plus and Pinterest and I think they’re both great. I think they are ripe for certain types of businesses right now, and I’m using them personally, although my publication’s readers aren’t there yet.

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