Web Editor: Gazalla Gaya

I started my web journey as a developer in 1998. The search engine world consisted of Alta Vista, Lycos and a bright and promising upstart called Google.The World Wide Web was in its infancy and websites were for the most part online marketing brochures with little or no user participation. Web 2.0 and social media have forever changed that landscape. A website today is no longer a passive experience but an essential tool for effective audience engagement, collaboration and participation.

I always loved writing and knew that my ideal vocation would combine my technical knowledge with my writing skills. I worked towards a Master’s in teaching English as a second language (TESOL) and was a stringer for many local newspapers covering events and feature stories on the movers and shakers of my area.

In 2005, I got my first opportunity to combine my creative writing skills with my technical skills. I loved the experience and here I am today, working as a full-time freelance web editor. I quickly realized that in addition to writing, editing, coding and photo editing skills any good web editor needs experience in site architecture, analytics, seo and social media. We also need to have excellent research skills, attention to detail, the ability to manage multiple projects and last but not the least, a sterling sense of humor to make it all work!

I currently consult with various companies and run my blog: Web Content Blog where I share content ideas, blogging tips and social media optimization advice.

My Next Post: 5 Surefire Ways to Break into Today’s Freelance Web Editing Market

If you are a freelance web editor, chances are that you are constantly looking for resources. My focus will be to share the best resources from around the web that have worked for me. I hope that my posts will generate an active discussion and at times a lively debate on what works for each of us. I look forward to your feedback, questions and comments.


5 thoughts on “Web Editor: Gazalla Gaya

  1. Well written, Gazalla. Another instance of a web editor with interesting experiences. Coder and writer – two entirely different kinds of “writing,” yet you have married them into a single career as a web editor. That’s very amazing.

    • Thanks, Alan. It looks like you got your first break because you were playing around on the internet. I enjoyed your post and am happy to be part of such a bright and intelligent crowd.

    • Thank you Rena. I’m sure your post will be equally inspiring. As the web editing field is so young, we are such a diverse lot. I’ll be very interested to hear your story.

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