SEO – Do it Inside or Outsource it?

A Guide to How You Handle SEO Work

By Alan Eggleston

Some people like the challenge and the control of doing SEO in-house. Others like the ease of having someone else do it. Whether you choose to do SEO inside or outsourced may depend on several factors:

Do SEO inside if you have Outsource SEO if you have
– knowledge / can build the skills
– time to do it right
– willing personnel
– one person to focus on it
– lack of knowledge or adequate skills
– lack of time
– budget to handle higher costs
– combine with SEM/pay-per-click

If you have never done SEO, it takes a little reading and skill building, and finding the right keywords takes research, so time is a factor. Once you learn the skills and get used to writing page titles, descriptions, and relevant content, it becomes second nature and it will become a natural part of the process. Still, web editors already have plenty to do and it may make sense to delegate the task to someone else in the organization or hire an outside source.

If you outsource the work, make sure you are getting quality work for quantity payback, not simply a big bill for little output. SEO firms can charge a lot of money, and it isn’t necessary, depending on what you’re looking for. SEO-trained writers and editors will do it for less than a full-service SEO or SEM (search engine marketing) firm. You can pay more with an SEO or SEM firm and get additional services, like an AdWord program and their full attention – but beware a marketer making grand promises that can’t be kept.

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