Content Aggregators Face New Code of Conduct

If you’re a content aggregator, how do you use someone else’s content without abusing it? If you’re a content creator, how do you eliminate abuse of your content that can reduce readership and page ranking? See how “A Code of Conduct for Content Aggregators” may help everyone.

As a web editor, have you discovered aggregators siphoning your content? What has been the effect on your site, your readership, and your search rankings?

2 thoughts on “Content Aggregators Face New Code of Conduct

  1. Thank you for mentioning this! I see tweets from content aggregators that have linked to my content, but we haven’t formally addressed how to handle them for our publication.

    • Hi Jen. It might make a good future article once you decide what to do.

      I watch this publication for spam, including comment, ping, and trackback, and I both report it and delete it. Then I add the IP address to our spam filter. What I don’t want to do is inhibit any legitimate conversations or comments.

      A link is in and of itself not bad – it can actually be good if the content is good. WordPress lets us preview the link page. If it’s a poor quality page the benefit all goes to the linker, not to you. In truth, if the page quality is poor, the link detracts from your ranking, which is why you should delete spam links and trackback spam. Even some direct links look okay, but if you follow the links on those pages they lead to poorer quality spam, which ultimately detracts from your ranking.

      I look at three things when deciding whether to allow a comment or trackback: 1) email address (does it look legit or does it look like a made-up address? 2) website link (is it made up or real, does the page have quality content or is it garbage? 3) the comment itself (is it a quality comment or garbage? Is it relevant to the topic or a generic comment, are there deliberate misspellings, strange grammatic or word choice errors, etc.?) If any of those don’t meet my criteria I delete.

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