Real Estate Boom Creates Web Content Boom

Remember the “real estate bubble”? Remember when homes didn’t sell, mortgages blew up, and the housing market fell apart? Not anymore in the Boulder market, experiencing explosive growth lately.  Just ask web editor and writer Raymond Alvarez of nearby Longmont, Colorado, who is harnessing not only a real estate boom but also a Web content boom.

Says Raymond in “The hungry blog” on his business blog, The Next files, “Newspaper columnists often complain they hit a wall. The ideas just stop coming. That has never been a problem with my wife’s real estate blog,” BoulderSuz. When things slowed for Raymond’s writing business, he kept busy producing real estate content. “These days, we collaborate on ideas. Real estate is such a huge activity, there always seems to be a subject that needs to be addressed.”

In addition to articles on foreclosures, mortgage modifications, and low inventory – a real problem nowadays – Raymond says upcoming topics for the blog include seasonal changes, buyer pre-qualification, credit repair, closings, and contracts – among many others. See the full list in his article.

What topics are suddenly feeding your website or blog with new content?


6 thoughts on “Real Estate Boom Creates Web Content Boom

  1. The market crash of a few years ago still has a grip on real estate here, but it is slipping fast.
    There is a glut of foreclosures to move out. I just saw the stats at Trulia. Sales have picked up 12.5 percent.

    The trouble with blogging for a successful business is the only time you see the blog author is for a few snatched moments when she’s getting a home ready for showing or grabbing a coffee on the way out the door. Ideas are shared in the car on the way over to visit my folks. The office at Property Movers of Longmont is the same story.

    I might get to talk to a few people as they emerge from meetings. There is a constant flow of people at PML. Renters, sub-contractors, HOA board members and the regulars at PML crowd the hallway and conference room. It reminds me of my days as a reporter on the hunt for stories.

    Susan has been in real estate for two and a half decades. Whether she was a designer here in Longmont or in Brentwood, CA, she was running, running, running.

    • Everyone, meet Raymond Alvarez, the web editor/writer of the Next files blog mentioned in our article. Thanks for filling in more details.

      Raymond is knowledgeable about a lot of things and has the pulse on a lot of topics. I suggest you follow him on Twitter: @NextwaveRay

      • May I presume that’s on The Next Files blog? How many blogs do you write and edit for and what are some of the URLs that our readers might take a look?

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