Web Editor: Dawni Everett

By Dawni Everett

Growing up around computers, I knew the last thing I wanted to be in the whole world was anything having to do with technology. As a part of my teenage rebellion against my father, who was a software engineer and a guest lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe, I refused to learn anything beyond the basics. I’ve grown up since then.

It started with a job doing technical support for printers. After that I worked for Yahoo! in their Small Business department helping people build, manage, and troubleshoot their websites. Now I am the Web Content Manager for Stamp-Connection.com and their other sites, SCStamp.com and NextDayXstampers.com. Considering how much I love crafting and knitting, working on rubber stamp websites are a perfect fit for me.

Managing three websites within a very niche market has shown me how every business needs to approach their Internet strategies differently. What works for businesses that have a wider market will not necessarily work for my sites, and they may not work for yours. My next post will be about how different managing an e-commerce blog is from managing other types of blogs.

I love that I will be forever learning the different aspects of being a Content Manager and I cannot wait to share these lessons with you. That I am able to be a part of this Web Editors blog makes me very excited and I hope that I will be able to show you a bit of the e-commerce side of being an editor.


7 thoughts on “Web Editor: Dawni Everett

    • Hi Rena, I am using Pinterest, but it is mostly for my use. There are multiple boards on my account, http://pinterest.com/stampconnection/ and there is a mix of some work images as well as personal interests such as things I want to knit. Since stamps create images, Pinterest works well for me and I can even collect images that I want to have turned into stamps or see what other people are looking to have as stamps too.

  1. I”m so glad you’re doing well, Dawni! I miss you dear! I am starting my hunt for better career opportunities outside of Yahoo! and it made me think of you.

    • I miss you too Syn! Life away from Yahoo! is awesome and I can see you enjoying the job as a web and content editor for a small company. Let me know if you need any recommendations or anything that I can do to help.

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