The Internet Hall of Fame Lauds Pioneers of Global Communication

Wired reports that the Internet now has a Hall of Fame. Thirty-three influential people have been named to the Hall – among them:
  • Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web
  • Phil Zimmermann, encryption guru
  • Vincent Cerf, creator of the TCP/IP protocol

And many other notables from all corners of science, technology and computer wizardry.

These are all technical pioneers, however.  “The inductees fall into three categories:

  • Pioneers who were key to the early design of the Internet;
  • Innovators who built on the net’s foundation with technical innovations and policy work; and
  • Global Connectors who have helped expand the net’s growth and use around the world.”
Nowhere is there mentioned a content pioneer. It’s nice to have browsers and computers and networks, and of course the World Wide Web, and all the gazillions of applications that are now springing up. But where would all of that be without content?
Think hard: Who would you nominate for the Internet Content Hall of Fame?
But even closer to home, who would you nominate within your own company? Is there someone who produces quality content above and beyond the call of duty? Anyone who is not only a superlative writer, but someone who understands the ins and outs of serving up that content – taxonomy, search, design, layout, navigation, etc.? Is that person you? Are you well-versed in what it takes to put together the very best content your company can offer?
Who influenced you? When you attend seminars, conferences, workshops – who is it that helps steer your work toward being the best it can be and helps you keep up with the latest trends in the web editing world? Who would you nominate to the Content Hall of Fame? Please share your influences in the comments

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