Community vs. Trolls. Who Wins?

This is just a quick roundup-style post.

My last post on blogging success has kept the concept of community (online community) at the front of my mind. And I’ve long been wondering what deal is with trolls, usually ending with a thought like,“Who the hell does that kind of thing?”

In light of that, I present three great pieces that address those topics. If you haven’t read/seen the three pieces below, I hope you’ll check them out.

Some thoughts and musings about making things for the web: a rather lengthy comic by The Oatmeal.

In which being an Internet writer:

  • is freeing and creative
  • has zero credibility
  • comes with a tornado of shrieking trolls

How to Kill a Troll, from Erin Kissane.

In which:

  • it’s ok to like troubling, imperfect things
  • we can have civility and standards in comments
  • when changing minds (and trolls), we’re stuck with love

There’s Only One Thing to Do When the Internet Calls You Fat,
a video of Lindy West speaking at Back Fence PDX.

In which:

  • the Internet doesn’t know what you look like…until it finds out
  • trolls get all their bigotries mixed up with some candy corn–flavored Oreos
  • obsessing about trolls leads to a vlog in a dank living room and an aha moment

I hope you enjoyed them, and have a great Thanksgiving (for those of you in the United States).



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