What Are Web Editors Thankful For?

For those in the US, today is Thanksgiving, so I will keep it short. In keeping with the spirit of the day, I’d simply ask, “What are you – as a web editor – thankful for?” I’ll start.

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: I am thankful for the opportunity to blog for this Web Editors group. I found a wonderful community of like-minded folks from whom I have learned so much. Whether it’s Alan Eggleston updating us on SEO and Google algorithms, or Gazalla Gaya describing quality content, or Anne Moreau explaining analytics, I never fail to learn something relevant and actionable.

Beyond that, I am thankful to re-learn the lesson that the online world is a wonderful complement to – not substitute for – engaging in the “real” world. I love my laptop. I can read, write, edit, explore, research, view, get updates, and more – without ever leaving my office. But even with a website, a Facebook page and monthly newsletters to clients, I still found more clients more quickly when I met people in person (or at least Skyped with them!)

I may identify prospects online through LinkedIn or Facebook. I may research them online to see what we have in common. I may initiate contact with them online. But in the end, meeting them in person usually seals the deal. Not always – but often enough to make me adjust my approach in 2013.

What are  you, as a web editor, thankful for this year? A new tool that makes your life easier? New people? New ideas or frameworks? Please share it here.

I wish all our US-based folks a Happy Thanksgiving!


One thought on “What Are Web Editors Thankful For?

  1. Great article, Allison.

    I’m grateful for this blog as a place to learn and a place to pass along what I’ve learned. Also the LinkedIn Web Editors Group as a place to find comrades in a wonderful profession and the Twitter account (@thewebeditors) as a place to interact with editors and writers interested in our craft. I’m especially grateful for web editing as a profession that lets me use all my skills to communicate and the Internet to help me explore our world at a moment’s notice.

    And, of course, I am most grateful for our readers, who give us a forum for writing and sharing ideas. I hope you find value in what we post.

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