2 thoughts on “Getting a Grasp on Meta Data

  1. Thanks for a well thought out and insightful post on meta data. Even today, your title tags are a key indicator to search engines for indexing and categorizing your content.Even though the keywords and description meta tags are not as important as they were, search engines will show them up as snippets in search results if the user query matches the keywords. Also, rich snippets are gaining importance. Rich snippets are markup tags that webmasters can put in their sites in order to tell Google what type of content they have on their site so that we can better display it in search results. More info on rich snippets is available here: http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=99170

    • Thanks for the thoughtful ideas, Gazalla.

      I disagree only in that Description is as important as it ever was (especially for highly competitive keywords) and if you don’t include one, Google will create one for you – that’s why it’s important to create one yourself and make it as good as you can. Also, if the one you write isn’t relevant to the rest of your meta data, Google may replace it. I’ve seen some very strange replacements I’m sure tag writers wish they had thought better over.

      Rich Snippets are a good way to enhance a page but work best for certain kinds of pages, as Google’s examples show. Great recommendation for those kinds of pages, though! Thanks for adding the link.

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