Which Conferences for Web Editors?

by Alison Lueders

It’s January, and I hope you are managing to stick to your resolutions. Mine were to get a cover for my Kindle Fire (check!), start using reusable cups at Starbucks (check!), and investigate composting (not yet). But I digress.

January is also a time for planning the year ahead. Last month, I spent time assessing what worked and what didn’t for my writing and editing business. I want to do better this year for my clients. As part of that, I’m researching conferences that are the best bets for web editors. Web editing covers a huge gamut – business writing, science writing, journalism, fiction, and much more. But I’m curious where the web editors in this group choose to go, and what their experiences have been.

This year, I’m amping up my focus on the craft of web editing.  And I’d like to make more connections with fellow writers and editors. Partly because I see them as potential partners, more than competitors. And partly because I feel quite at home with the writers and editors I know. Who wouldn’t want to spend more time with people they like?

So – back to conferences. What’s your feedback on any or all of these:

There are MANY more conferences that belong on this list. Please share them. It’s quite possible that the “mothership-conference-for-web-editors” is not listed here, and it should be.

And who knows – based on the ideas compiled here, we may even meet at one or more of these conferences in 2013. Wouldn’t THAT be fun?

I hope we are all off to a great start in 2013. I can’t wait to see your comments!


2 thoughts on “Which Conferences for Web Editors?

  1. Great reminder of the variety of conferences out there. I’d be interested to hear which conferences others are attending. One conference I’ve been to many times is An Event Apart (http://aneventapart.com/). Even though it’s billed as a design conference, they cover everything from content strategy to UX to advice on handling clients.

    They have a strong focus on mobile (and, yes, design, particularly CSS). But I find it incredibly useful because the speakers are leaders in their fields. Finding out what they are working on and the challenges they’ve worked through with their clients helps me stay current with new trends.

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