Job Hunting for Web Editors

May is a big month for graduations. Congratulations to all the news grads out there!

If your next step is seeking a job in the wonderful world of web editing, read on.

Overall Employment Prospects are Improving

Ostensibly the labor market overall in the US is improving. Nationally, the unemployment rate dropped to 7.5% at the end of April 2013. (Here in Florida it dropped to 7.2%.) While I celebrate this direction, there is still a huge number of unemployed, and new grads face an uphill climb in this economic environment.

If you are considering a web editing role, scan this job description from the Princeton Review. It is not exhaustive, but does speak to the transition going on from print to online editing. It goes without saying, but you want to educate yourself about any job role you pursue. Make sure it syncs with your skills and interests.

Web Editor Job Prospects are Uncertain

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook, there is no such thing as a web editor. This wonderful tome, which projects job growth by occupation from 2010 to 2020, is a tad behind the times in terms of categorizing newer roles like web editing.

You can glean useful information from their “Media and Communication” category. This contains the titles of “Editor“, “Technical Writer” and “Writer and Author.” And for these jobs, there’s info on salaries, projected job growth rates, education requirements and more. But “web editor” and “blogger” and “content writer” aren’t there yet. It’s a bit like panning for gold. If you sift through a lot of information, you may find some nuggets that still pertain to web editing positions.

Web Editor Jobs on LinkedIn

It’s not surprising that an online resource like LinkedIn does a better job of categorizing and presenting web editor-type positions. When searching just today, I found:

  • Web editor – 241 jobs
  • Content editor – 347 jobs
  • Blogger – 88 jobs
  • Online writer – 269 jobs
  • Copy editor – 148 jobs
  • Social media editor – 189 jobs

This is just scratching the surface. The lack of standard nomenclature for web editing positions makes the job search more challenging. But there are jobs out there. Be creative in your search terms. And consider roles that sound interesting, regardless of what they are called.

I’m not suggesting that LinkedIn is the best source of web editor jobs – just one source.

Share your wisdom

Where do you recommend that job hunters look for web editing positions? It would be a lovely graduation gift to our readers to share where you have succeeded in finding work. Please post your responses in the Reply.

And Happy May!


2 thoughts on “Job Hunting for Web Editors

  1. Personally, I’d be wary of LinkedIn as the site abounds with “offers” to produce dozens of articles a day for a pittance – often $3 or less per 500 words. These aren’t serious roles, just content mills grinding out cut’n’paste articles to clutter up search results. There won’t be any research other than looking at Wikipedia.

    My suggestion would be: Start a blog. At least then when you find a role to apply for, you have something on-line for people to look at. Don’t worry about it making money, write about something you care about and the quality will shine through. Also, consider a bit of voluntary work for a local group who need their website maintaining. Again, doesn’t matter (much) about the subject, get them to write the words and you edit and post them.

    • Hi Phil – I think starting a blog is a great suggestion! Your point about LinkedIn is a good one. I do think it’s worth a look, but you have to cast a critical eye on what you find there.

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