Why You Should Write for Us

by Alan Eggleston

We need more editor writers for this blog. It’s not that you don’t have anything else to do, but you do have things to share as an editor or as a writer for editors.

Photo: Rusty Clark, creative commons license

Photo: Rusty Clark, creative commons license

You may have things to say that are difficult to share elsewhere that can be addressed on a professional blog. You may have ideas that have nothing to do with your work or that won’t work for your organization but could work elsewhere. You may just have a wealth of experience and you want to pay back to the profession. All these are great reasons to write for the Web Editors Blog.

So why not sign up for the Web Editors Group on LinkedIn and then the Web Editors Blog Project subgroup and let us know you’re interested in contributing? We will let you know what to do from there.

What’s in it for you

There are lots of reasons this would be good for you.

Networking. For instance, executive coaches often suggest joining professional organizations and networking through them. Writing for the Web Editors Blog will get your name out in front of all the Web Editors Group Members as often as you publish an article. (We post the article on the Group page, too.)

Professional Resource. Just as you would refer and link to your LinkedIn profile as a professional resource, each article becomes a linkable resource both to you personally and, potentially, to your organization. If you have a personal blog, a Facebook fan page or Google Plus brand page, or a Twitter business page, you can link to each article as you publish, also. Why not set up a search under your name on the blog and create a link to that for any of your pages as well? Of course, you can link your article byline to any of your pages as well.

You may set up a byline to link to Google Plus Author to boost your search optimization opportunities, to your LinkedIn profile to aid networking opportunities there, to your Twitter account to promote social networking, or to anywhere else you would like.

Career Booster. Articles about professional topics are good career boosters. You can promote what you have written to your colleagues, to professional audiences, on your LinkedIn profile, on your resume, and anywhere else you promote your experience, skills, talents, and knowledge. Attending a conference? Promote your Web Editors Blog articles to show your bone fides. Joining a professional blog or forum discussion? Reference your article as further reading.

Boss Pleaser. Writing for a professional blog – an online professional journal in essence – on your own time shows initiative and enterprise and should impress your bosses. An email to them announcing the newest article, tying in any organizational references, should impress.

What’s in it for us

Growing Quality Content. This isn’t a paying gig – we don’t have an income stream for the blog. But together we provide an audience of web editors who read the blog and are looking for quality information on their profession.

Steady Flow. There is no set frequency of submission; it’s up to your willingness to publish. But the more often you can post the better our readers will become familiar with your work and look forward to reading you. We would love to have you post at least once a month, but it isn’t required.

Targeted Content. There are no established topic lines, but there are general topic categories to help guide. Of course, the topics should relate to web editing and web writing, and sometimes they are even more general than that about writing or editing, which still apply to the Web. It’s probably obvious that we should tailor the content to the audience.

Topic Categories you can currently choose include:

  • Content
  • Design
  • Editing
  • Graduation (typically May issue)
  • Management
  • Miscellaneous
  • Mobile
  • Professional
  • Profile
  • Project Management
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Strategy

Typical publishing standards apply.

Won’t you join us?

We have a great group of editor writers who contribute now. You will be joining them in creating a superb blog associated with professional quality and talent. Associate your name with that growing list. If you’re a web editor, please join us!