About Our Web Editors

Cathy Hodson is the web editor for a nursing association in the Chicago suburbs. She began her career as a high school English teacher, went into writing for engineering and manufacturing magazines at Cahners Publishing Company for a dozen years, then became a web editor in 1997 for Manufacturing.net when the previous web editor left. In her spare time, she is a knitting freak and a Cubs fan.

Alan Eggleston is a freelance web editor specializing in website development, social media messaging, and SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. He was a corporate editor and writer for more than 20 years and has been an independent contractor for more than 10 years.  Alan became a Web editor in 1995, creating Amway’s first website, and helped develop Amway’s new e-commerce business in 1999. He likes books, science, and asking good questions.

Alison Lueders is the founder and principal of “Great Green Editing” – a certified green business that provides website editing services to other green businesses and socially conscious organizations in the health, education and nonprofit arenas. (“Green” means environmentally-friendly.) She had a 30 year corporate career that spanned software development, management consulting and corporate training. Her favorite job was as a knowledge manager, building and maintaining internal content sites for a Fortune 500 company. Her goal now is to help the green economy emerge,  one website at a time.

Jennifer Ford is web editor for the website of a monthly trade publication. Her experience as an editor and writer in book publishing, social sciences research and a variety of freelance projects prepared her for a web editor role, although she didn’t know it until the job became hers. Now she’s well versed in the social media, content management, multimedia and SEO skills that build and retain a loyal readership. She is looking forward to collaborating with and learning more from the talented editors writing for this blog.

Anne Moreau is a freelance copyeditor, proofreader, and web editor. She received a certificate in editing from the University of Washington in 2004, and has been proofreading and editing for book publishers, ad agencies, and corporate and nonprofit clients since. She has eclectic interests and is always learning new things; current fascinations include printing hand-set type with a letterpress and sailing.

Christina Tolliver edits web and print content at a statistical analysis and quality improvement software company. Christina worked as a technical writer for a long time and learned many hard lessons about content through trial and error. Now, she is learning many hard lessons about web editing through trial and error. Christina enjoys falling off her mountain bike onto the hard, rocky trails of central Pennsylvania where she lives. And that makes sense if you think about it.

Rebecca (Wells) Del Giudice Web and editorial consultant Rebecca Del Giudice has been writing, editing, and managing content professionally for more than 15 years. Previously she has worked in content-related roles at companies like Monster.com and Fidelity Investments. She is passionate about helping companies communicate well with their customers. In her free time, Rebecca writes about books, New England, history, dogs, and other things she is obsessed with at her blog, wellturned.

Dawni Everett is the Web Content Manager for Stamp-Connection.com, a rubber stamp retailer. She spent almost 10 years doing technical support before answering a craigslist ad asking for someone who enjoyed classic rock, had a sense of humor, and could work with a dog in the office. Now that she is in her dream job, she is using the knowledge she gained from working for Yahoo! Small Business and as a legal secretary to write and manage the online content for an industry that relies on offline life.

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